Positive Feedback Index: 

Total Amount Of Classes Taught Combined With Score For Each Positive Student Feedback Received. 

This metric is all about the student’s user-experience, which is made up of the lesson materials, the technology, and the teacher (especially the teacher’s empathy).

Teacher Performance Index:

Calculated By Average Monthly Teacher Client Performance Rating.

This index is a combination of the student’s rating of the lesson and the manager’s assessment of the teacher’s performance.

Attendance & Scheduling Efficiency Index: 

Calculated As % Of Scheduled Lessons Delivered Per Day, Week And Month. 

This index is a combination of metrics, including: the number of lost hours (i.e. absenteeism, replacements, downtime) and the student experience.

Hours Taught By Teachers Per Month:

The more hours your teachers can do each month the better. The risk here is that if you grow your teaching center to meet growing student demand too quickly then this can lead to systemic problems in your teaching center, such as poorer teacher attendance and issues with the quality of teaching.

Uptime Index:

Calculated By % Lessons Delivered Without Technical Complaints From Students. 

For an online teaching center this is very important, because it impacts the student’s learning-experience! The most important factors here are ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). This is something that we invest in and make sure it’s in place, robust, routinely tested and always ready to go!

Days Since Any Connectivity Downtime in Centers: 

If we want online teaching to start competing with conventional classroom based education, then we need to ensure the best connectivity and uptime as possible. This is because when teaching in classroom based, you don’t need to worry about downtime! Out of all the metrics here, this one is the most important (especially for the student’s learning-experience)!

Check out our Days Since Any Connectivity Downtime In Centers Index’  here and all our current stats for these indexes.

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