Students really appreciate the positive impact a great teacher has on their learning experience.

These are examples of the really great feedback a clients’ students, based in China and South Korea, have expressed about online classes with some of our teachers.

Teacher Jessica is fantastic. She not only asks expanded questions, but also do corrections right away.”

Zhang, English student

“Taking classes with English students from all over the world deeply impressed me! Teacher Lizinda was kind and patient, so I could speak freely.”

Han, English student

Teacher Malaika: Nice to meet you virtually. I loved the class very much! Miss Malaika is able to lead the class and she is so much fun! Love the class with Miss Malaika! See you next time.”

Li, English student 

“My teacher, Chelsey, was very nice in class and I learned a lot. It was pretty convenient to take a class anywhere I wanted, too.”

David, English student 

“At the beginning of class, I was nervous but Teacher Kayhla help me relax then made learning clear and memorable. It was fun and forgot about time!”

 Amy, English student  

Teacher Dusayshia was extremely active and encouraging in the class and I wish I’m able to take more classes with this teacher.”

 Ju, English student  

We appreciate and recognise the connection our teachers inspire with students in every lesson, every day. And so do our clients and their students too!

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