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Teaching Centres

Teachers work from one of TRGTC’s state of the art Teaching Centres. They utilise our clients’ platforms to deliver teaching services to their students.  All teachers are recruited, contracted and managed by TRGTC according to our client company’s standards and requirements.


TRGTC’s teaching centres are located in various cities within South Africa in AAA grade buildings. The selection of the sites ensures that the following features exist:

  • Robust Continuity Infrastructure – back up UPS’s, generators and multiple fibre connections
  • Secure Premises – Access controlled, CCTV and Exclusive client teaching spaces
  • Inspiring Environment – Space for teachers to relax between lessons/shifts, access to shops & leisure activities.

The work stations for teachers are set up to a consistent specification with cutting edge technology and infrastructure including:

  • Powerful CPU’s, HD Cameras & Screens
  • Directional, noise cancelling Headsets
  • Customised Work Stations including uniquely designed “POD’s”- these can be customised with a client’s logo or blank backgrounds
  • App based attendance, payroll and HR management software


Teachers are sourced from the ranks of South Africa’s English first language speaking population. The level of education held by the teachers in each centre varies, from secondary school leavers through to B Degree and Doctorate level, depending on the particular client’s needs.

TRGTC utilizes a variety of tests and assessments to screen and select the right teachers for any customer brief. These include, but are not limited to assessment of Competencies, Personality and Skills, which are complemented by thorough background screening.


1. “TRGTC Approved” Certification

All TRGTC teachers have completed our unique certification programme, which focuses on equipping them with all the relevant skills required to excel as international online teachers. Training is customised to each specific client’s platform to ensure that when teachers go live they are empowered to make full use of all tools to maximise the learners positive in session experience.

Such has been the success of the “TRGTC Approved” training programme, that TRGTC is now offers Training as a standalone product to customers.

Modules that are covered and tested include;

A. Technical Training Skills

  • Writing, typing and word processing
  • Electronic presentation
  • Web navigation and search
  • File management
  • Software, platform, camera, headset & computer troubleshooting
  • Trained to use a multitude of online tutoring aides and systems.
  • Training customised to each specific client’s platform

B. Facilitation Skills

  • Engaging the student in the learning process, particularly at the beginning,
  • Appropriate questioning, listening and feedback
  • Skills on how to provide direction, support and guidance,
  • Managing interactions, speaking speed, providing students with equal opportunities to speak.
  • Relationship building, and motivating

C. Session Management Skills

  • Managing online discussions
  • Accommodating students with different learning styles
  • Knowing how to manage collaborative groups
  • Time management
  • Managing course material to be presented for different learning styles
  • Managing online student disputes
  • Being able to coordinate and involve students in activities

D. Cultural Awareness skills:

  • Managing student expectations (The role/standing of the teacher/tutor in different cultures.)
  • Awareness on correcting students from different cultures
  • Awareness on checking for comprehension/understanding
  • Concept of Service (Cultural)
  • Interaction with students of different cultures in session

2. CELTO Qualification

In addition to “TRGTC Approved” teachers can also complete the CELTO certification, which is the world’s first online teaching qualification for teachers, should clients request it. Find out more about this unique qualification by clicking here.


TRGTC’ focuses on managing the following aspects as the core components of our service;

Human Capital – Recruitment, IR, HR, Payroll, Performance, Disciplinary and Retention Management.

Operations Management – Workforce planning/scheduling, General Management, HR and IR Management, Business Continuity.

Quality & Risk Management – Ensuring consistent service provision & customer satisfaction


  • Ability to offer a turnkey solution. Our centres can be set up/up scaled rapidly and to a client’s specific requirements, allowing them to make fast and impactful decisions.
  • Cost Savings. The ability to access teachers in bulk leads to significant cost savings in recruitment, HR, operational management and facilities.
  • The location of our operations is a perfect time zone fit for Europe and Asia. Peak tutoring times, afternoon and evening, are core daylight hours in South Africa.
  • 24/7/365 operations.  This ensures that our client’s learners are ensured a consistent and ongoing service that is available to meet their preferred time requirements.
  • Exceptional teacher quality.  South African’s by nature are generally a very empathetic and genuine people.  This coupled with TRGTC’ extensive selection and training procedures assure you that our teachers are of the highest caliber and are very patient and encouraging of students.
  • Access exceptionally trained and skilled English first language teachers at bulk, without the need to physically relocate them, or to recruit, train and manage them.
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