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Home Based Teacher Management

TRGTC manages our client’s home based teacher pool on their behalf in one of our custom built virtual teaching centres. Teachers work from their homes and utlise the client’s system to deliver lessons, whilst TRGTC’s Online Service management team takes care of recruiting, training, managing (performance & disciplinary) and scheduling.


1. Teachers

Home based teachers work from their individual homes across the globe, yet are managed as one team in TRGTC’s custom built virtual teaching centres. Great care is taken upfront when recruiting home based teachers to ensure that they have the relevant infrastructure in place to successfully deliver the desired teaching experience to our client’s students. Prior to hiring any teachers tests are conducted by either TRGTC’s or our client’s tech teams to ensure the following is up to high standard:

  • Speed and stability of internet connection
  • Quality of headset and webcam
  • Teaching environment suitable for client specific brand requirements

2. Virtual Teaching Centres

TRGTC’s virtual teaching centres are set up to ensure that Online Service management are able to manage the teachers and their performance with the same accuracy and results as our regular teaching centres. Features of the service include:

  • TRGTC “Teacher Zone” – A virtual meeting space for all teachers and management – for daily, weekly and monthly group and one on one meetings
  • “TRGTC Approved” training programme delivered to all home based teachers upfront.
  • Regular ongoing top up training courses provided online by TRGTC certified trainers
  • App based attendance, scheduling, payroll and HR management software
  • Global payroll services


Teachers are sourced by TRGTC’s gloabal recruitment team from our network of over 30 000 English first language teachers. The client chooses the nationalities and countries of residence of the teachers and TRGTC utilizes a variety of tests and assessments to screen and select the right teachers for any customer brief. These include, but are not limited to online and offline assessments of Competencies, Personality and Teaching Skills.


1. “TRGTC Approved” Certification

All TRGTC teachers have completed our unique certification programme, which focuses on equipping them with all the relevant skills required to excel as international online teachers. Training is customised to each specific client’s platform to ensure that when teachers go live they are empowered to make full use of all tools to maximise the learners positive in session experience.

Such has been the success of the “TRGTC Approved” training programme, that TRGTC is now offers Training as a standalone product to customers.

Modules that are covered and tested include:

A. Technical Training Skills

  • Writing, typing and word processing
  • Electronic presentation
  • Web navigation and search
  • File management
  • Software, platform, camera, headset & computer troubleshooting
  • Trained to use a multitude of online tutoring aides and systems.
  • Training customised to each specific client’s platform

B. Facilitation Skills

  • Engaging the student in the learning process, particularly at the beginning,
  • Appropriate questioning, listening and feedback
  • Skills on how to provide direction, support and guidance,
  • Managing interactions, speaking speed, providing students with equal opportunities to speak.
  • Relationship building, and motivating

C. Session Management Skills

  • Managing online discussions
  • Accommodating students with different learning styles
  • Knowing how to manage collaborative groups
  • Time management
  • Managing course material to be presented for different learning styles
  • Managing online student disputes
  • Being able to coordinate and involve students in activities

D. Cultural Awareness skills:

  • Managing student expectations (The role/standing of the teacher/tutor in different cultures.)
  • Awareness on correcting students from different cultures
  • Awareness on checking for comprehension/understanding
  • Concept of Service (Cultural)
  • Interaction with students of different cultures in session


TRGTC sets the home based teachers up in teams, which are managed by team managers and overseen by Online Service and People Support Managers. The following is fully managed in the virtual centres:

Human Capital – Recruitment, IR, HR, Payroll, Performance, Disciplinary and Retention Management.

Operations Management – Workforce planning/scheduling, General Management, HR and IR Management.

Quality & Risk Management – Ensuring consistent service provision & customer satisfaction


  • Ability to offer a customised solution. Our virtual centres and online prescene can be set up to fully reflect mosdt aspects of the client company, including, but not limite to branding/skin, systems, processes etc. This ensures that the teachers always feel part of the client’s company and culture.
  • Ease of Scaling Up. Once the virtual centre is set up they can be scaled rapidly, allowing our clients to make fast and impactful decisions.
  • Cost Savings. A virtual centre offers the cost savings of utilising home based teachers, without the need for client’s to invest heavily in their own management and systems. There are in significant savings in recruitment, HR, operational management and facilities. 
  • Global Reach. Teachers can be sourced from any time zone and country ensuring the right performance levels and capacity is matched for each client.
  • 24/7/365 operations.  This ensures that our client’s learners are ensured a consistent and ongoing service that is available to meet their preferred time requirements.
  • Exceptional teacher quality.  TRGTC’s extensive selection and training procedures assure you that our teachersare of the highest caliber and are very patient and encouraging of students.
  • Access exceptionally trained and skilled English first language teachers at bulk, without the need to physically relocate them, or to recruit, train and manage them
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