Why happy teachers are better for students and the bottom line.

“I don’t want to just revolve; I want to evolve!”
– Matthew McConaughey

For many decades, the traditional education sector has well documented management problems attracting, engaging and retaining school teachers.

We believe the current trend of transitioning to online teaching is an inflection point that creates an opportunity to innovate teacher management. Now, it’s time to do things differently and better! Better for teachers, students and the bottom line.

It’s for this reason that we developed Evolve, which is available 24/7 to all our teachers wherever they’re based in the world.

Evolve is our personal development programme. It’s made up of a number of initiatives that are all designed to inspire a more engaged team of teachers that is healthier, happier, and more connected than they were before joining us.

Evolve provides for our teachers’ personal development needs, whether they be mental, physical, financial, or social.

Evolve forms part of the holistic approach we’ve developed in delivering on our promise to clients: The Best Teachers, 24/7. Guaranteed.

The Challenge:

Everybody agrees that education is one of the biggest drivers of change and improvement in the world. There needs to be the opportunity for more people to access really great teachers to facilitate this global betterment.

In order to achieve universal primary education by 2030, UNESCO Institute for Statistics’ report that the total number of additional new primary teachers needed globally is 6.8 million. The numbers needed for secondary education are even higher.

International surveys of school teachers regularly report numbers like 57% of full-time teachers are ‘not engaged’ at work and 13% are ‘actively disengaged’. 85% of school teachers diagnosed themselves as working ‘unsustainably’ in terms of hours and workload. 50% of school teachers say they have considered leaving the profession, while 61% of high school teachers say they have considered quitting the profession!

Teacher disengagement, burnout, absenteeism and turnover have a bottom line cost for the organisations employing these teachers. Also, it has a cost on the performance of their students. The Paris School of Economics found that school teacher absence has a statistically negative impact on student test scores, because the disruption to learning caused by using substitute teachers – regardless of how good they are – is equivalent to using teachers who are in the bottom 15% of the profession for performance.

The education sector can’t afford the high turnover of so many of its teachers due to disengagement and burnout. Nor can it afford the diminished teacher engagement, productivity and attendance of those who remain in the profession.

It’s time to do things differently! It’s time to do things better.

The Opportunity:

We recognize it’s not enough to provide online teachers only with classes to teach and payment for these. There must be more…!

We see that our teachers are people too. That’s why we facilitate their professional development through our Inspire academy programme and their personal development through our Evolve programme.

In this way, we empower our teachers to inspire connection with students in class!

In order to deliver on our promise to our clients (The Best Teachers, 24/7. Guaranteed), once we’ve found the right teachers we make sure that we really look after them – including to help them develop and grow.

Evolve is a personal development programme made up of a number of interconnected initiatives that include:

  • Learning Community: These are informal and regular online teacher meet ups on any learning or personal development topic. They are all about teacher peer-to-peer sharing of knowledge, discussing interesting topics, and challenging one another mentally.
  • Leadership Development: Today’s teachers are educating tomorrow’s leaders. We believe that everyone’s a leader, especially our teachers, and we facilitate the opportunity for teachers to develop this inherent potential in themselves.
  • Wellness: A teacher’s health and wellbeing underpin their happiness and engagement in class. We support all aspects of our teachers’ wellness including:
    – Mindfulness & Mental Health: Providing specialist and peer support for our teachers, including helpline numbers and regular online meet ups for discussions around personal mental health and wellbeing and mindfulness.
    – Physical: A subsidized, personalised online training and nutrition programme for our teachers delivered by a specialist partner company.
    – Financial: Access to a personal finance advisory service to help teachers with their financial planning and wellbeing.
  • Clubs & Societies: A platform for like-minded teachers to meet up and connect, whether online or locally, and share the passions and interests that inspire them. This includes teacher social clubs, regional events, and volunteering in social responsibility programmes.

Our teachers can access Evolve 24/7 and anywhere in the world via an online platform.

Evolve contributes to why our teachers are better, happier and more engaged than the usual industry standard!

That’s why we can stand behind our money back promise on our teachers’ performance and attendance: The Best Teachers, 24/7. Guaranteed.

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