One of our Online Service Managers shares why recruiting and managing really great Online English Teachers is so important for delivering world-class online lessons.

Happy Teachers = Happy Students

Chris, one of our Online Service Managers, shares why we’re really focused on recruiting and managing great Online English Teachers, as well as how we go about it:

“We look for people who listen and have high levels of emotional intelligence. We look for teachers who are passionate about other people’s development. Our teachers are people who get excited about watching their students develop and learn.

Education is changing, in that it’s becoming a more learner-centric discipline and the role of a teacher is evolving to be more learner-centric too. So it’s less about the teacher as the ‘centre-of-learning’ and more about focusing on each student as an individual: each of whom has their own learning needs and styles.

That’s why at TRGTC, we look for people who can listen and elicit and respond to a student’s needs.

When it comes to training and working with our teachers, our methodology is to develop them both as service-orientated people and as professional educators too. It’s all about empowering our teachers to know when and how to do the right thing for their students.

This benefits the students, because they interact with teachers who are committed to each student’s success in learning.

It’s this that ensures the consistent high quality of performance that our teachers deliver.

Happy teachers equal happy students!”


Thanks for sharing, Chris!

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