Why teacher performance management, recognition and feedback really matters!

Rob, our COO, has been in the Online Learning & Teaching Industry for over 15 years.

His expertise and experience mean that Rob has seen the value of the consistent application of teacher performance management, coaching, recognition and feedback, as well as how it really impacts teacher engagement and their delivery in online lessons.

He shares some of his insights on this: “Generally speaking, English teachers have very little experience of being ‘managed’ or working in a corporate environment.

It’s very important to provide them with clear expectations of what is expected from them in the delivery of an online-session and in their job as a whole.

As with any employee in any industry, teachers need recognition and respond well to things like engagement initiatives, as well as the provision of continuous professional development.

Once you’ve found and hired the right teachers then getting these additional things right results in higher teacher engagement, which definitely results in better performance from teachers and a better experience for the students.

Happy teachers = happy students!”

Thanks for sharing, Rob!

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