Hi Joanne, how did you become an Online English Teacher?

I didn’t go looking to become an Online English Teacher. I just saw the job advertised and thought ‘Wow, this looks like a lot of fun!’, and I was right, this is a lot of fun! I really enjoy teaching English online.

What’s the work of an Online Teacher involve?

We come to work in the morning and then we prep for our day. At the end of prep-time, we start teaching our first online classes. In an online lesson, we spend an hour chatting to someone and learning about their life and generally helping them become better English speakers.

What advice would give to someone who wants to be an Online Teacher?

I think just be your self. Just be happy. It’s really important to be bubbly and excited in online classes, because the students really respond to it. You’ll need lots of motivation and patience, as well as to be the sort of person who likes to help people. If you’re a happy and excited person then I think that this job will be great for you.

What was the job application process like?

I found a job advert for TRGTC online, on a jobs website. The application process for TRGTC was so easy! I applied, I got a response that same evening, and the next day I had my web-interview. A few days later, I came for a job interview at TRGTC’s offices. Then I think I had the job within a week. It was very easy.

Thanks for sharing, Joanne!

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