Hi Kristen, why did you decide to become an Online English Teacher?

At university, while I was studying towards my B.Comm degree, I decided to start applying for jobs because I know it can sometimes be hard to find work quickly once you’ve finished studying. I applied for many jobs and got accepted at several. I was working at an insurance company and doing a marketing internship, but when I got accepted at TRGTC as an Online English Teacher -in a part-time role- I found I really enjoyed it. When I compared it to my other jobs I realised that I wanted to do this one more. So I made this one my full-time job.

What was your experience of the application process?

As I mentioned, I had applied to a lot of jobs before joining TRGTC. After I had applied, I was invited for an interview. Before attending the interview, I went online to do some research about the company and I looked at the reviews by people already working here. The reviews showed that everyone really loved working here. Even the people who were leaving only had good comments to say about working here! I found that really encouraging.

How does being an Online Teacher compare to how you thought it’d be?

I didn’t have any English teaching qualifications before starting here (and TRGTC provided me with the training and qualifications) so I wasn’t sure what to expect before I applied and if I’d be suitable for the role. But when I came for interview and started working here, I found out that it’s all about communication: encouraging students to communicate and practice speaking English. I discovered I really enjoyed helping my students, while I preferred it to sitting behind a desk typing in data to a computer or trying to sell insurance to people who aren’t interested in it.

What advice would give to someone who wants to be an Online Teacher?

It’s a really great environment to work in and TRGTC support you throughout, including providing you with all the training that you might need. And you’ll make some really great friends here!

You should definitely apply to TRGTC. Don’t procrastinate; we definitely want you here!

Thanks for sharing, Kristen!

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