Hi Mick, what does your work involve at TRGTC?

As the General Manager for the Asia & Pacific Regions my work is focused on helping our clients, in the Online Training industry, to find the right strategic solutions to assist them in scaling up their business while maintaining high quality delivery to their students in each and every online-class.

In addition, I’m responsible for the expansion of our market share in the region, as well as for customer relationship management and regional marketing strategy.

How did you first get started in the online teaching industry?

I’ve been working in the educational industry since 2003. Initially, I was an English teacher and taught English to children in Taiwan and China for 10 years.

Since 2013, the growth of online English education has boomed in China and I moved into the business operations side of it.

Teaching English online and offline have a lot in common: they are basically all about education and both fit all the standard educational theories.

However, the management of online and offline teaching is very different. In online teaching, the teachers are geographically dispersed which can make it very difficult to manage them…unless you really know this business well.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Bringing the joy of the learning experience to the students all around the world is the best part of this job.

Also, online education can help bridge the inequality of access to education for people globally. For example, students in rural areas of developing economies can receive a world-class education from a great teacher who might be based on the other side of the planet!

Even as little as 10-years ago, the world-changing opportunities provided by online education was beyond our imaginations (when the Internet connection was not as good as it is today).

What’s most challenging about your work?

The most challenging part of my work can be introducing the benefits of an outsourced online teaching service to potential clients, because they may not be aware of the scale of the challenge of finding, developing and managing online teachers in-house.

We help our clients solve their business challenges in different ways and at varying scale suited to their unique needs. For example:

  • Often big online education companies have already experienced the challenges involved in recruitment and management of online teachers. So they already know the benefit of an outsource service. We help them to scale-up rapidly to meet the demands of their students.
  • For small and middle-sized companies, we can help them find and manage online teachers, as well as improve the quality and delivery of them. This means that our clients can spend their finite resources and time on core business functions, as well as on growing their market share while improving their customer experience.

After the rapid growth of online education in recent years (and during the global pandemic), the demand for quality online teachers has increased dramatically (and is going to keep on doing so)!

Many online education companies have an in-house recruitment team, but this hasn’t taken away the challenges they face in finding enough quality teachers and then managing them optimally – especially when it comes to managing home-based teachers in an efficient and effective way.

TRGTC are experts at finding, developing and managing teachers in the online teaching industry, so it’s important for clients to know the benefits of partnering with us. We can help our clients in many different aspects of online teaching recruitment, development and management.

Our products and services are designed to meet our client’s customised requirements and needs. As a result, we are very confident in the services we provide to our clients and the ROI they receive from it.

What aspect of TRGTC’s services adds most value for our clients?

The quality of teachers that we provide, as well as the good management of them, are the ways that we add most value to our clients.

Many clients would say that it’s hard to measure the quality of teachers; however, it’s not impossible! We have developed many metrics to quantify the performance of a great teacher.

When it comes to the recruitment of great teachers, we analyze our recruitment funnel so that we only recruit suitably qualified people who show passion, humor and lots of smiles.

When it comes to good management of online teachers, we analyze attendance rate, teaching performance index, amongst other important metrics. Also, we manage a teacher’s development whether it’s of their teaching technique or communication skills.

Thanks for sharing, Mick!

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