When assessing what technology and internet requirements an online teacher’s workspace needs, it can sometimes be daunting and confusing.

Also, it can involve a high degree of risk, as technical capabilities play a BIG part in the online student’s user-experience and satisfaction!

A key element of this is Connection Stability.

Here are some of our tips for assessing the right Connection Stability solutions for your teaching desks in order to deliver online lessons that provide the best experience for your students:

Last Mile: TheLast Mile’ refers the final leg of the telecommunications networks that deliver telecommunication services from the exchange to retail end-users. The last mile is typically the speed-bottleneck in communication networks.

ADSL: This uses telephone lines to transmit data along copper cables from your nearest telephone exchange to your home or office. The further you are from the exchange, the slower your speeds will be. Copper cables are often affected by bottlenecks. This means the more Internet traffic, the slower your download speeds – just like traffic on the roads.

Fiber Internet: This is sometimes referred to as ‘superfast broadband’. It uses fiber optic cables to transmit data and isn’t affected by your distance from the exchange. Also, it can handle much higher volumes of traffic without your download speeds being affected.

ISPs: As far as the ISP’s connection to the internet is concerned, you’re best to check whether it is a Tier 1, 2 or 3 provider.

Tier-1 providers own or control their own portion of the internet, while Tier-2 and Tier-3 providers lease bandwidth from them.

Tier-1 providers may be more expensive, but they are often more reliable and worth the extra cost in order to deliver consistently better online lessons for your students!

The Really Great Teacher Company recruits and manages great teachers on behalf of online learning companies. We ensure that we always have the best infrastructure for all our teacher desks so that we can deliver on our promise: Great Teachers, 24/7. Guaranteed.

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