The technical capabilities of your workspace play a big part in the online student’s user-experience, so it’s vital for online teacher success.

But it can be daunting to assess what technology and internet requirements a workspace might need.

 Here are some of our tips for managing this:

 One key consideration for internet requirements is Connection Speed:

Be cautious when selecting an Internet service provider! Many Internet services are promoting their services as being “high speed” when in fact they are no faster than a low end DSL connection.

Online learning needs fast uploading, so your upload speed should be similar to your download speed.

We recommend between 10M to 20M (Upload & Download), with 10M being the minimum.

In order to determine your Internet speed, you can use a variety of Internet speed tests such as (and click on ‘Begin Test’ or ‘GO’ button). This internet speed test will check your upload and download speed.

Another key consideration for internet requirements is Contention Ratios:

When considering an ADSL service, you need to take into account contention ratios.

Contention ratios are the maximum number of users sharing the bandwidth on the connection between your local exchange and the ISP.

For example:

  • A user with a contention ratio of 50:1 never has to share this bandwidth with more than 49 other users.

  • If the line you have access to is 100Mb, for example, you can easily get average speeds of around 35Mb or 63Mb on a good day.

  • But if your contention ratio is 50:1 (meaning that 50 people connected to it) and if they’re all using it at the same time… then you’ll only get speeds of about 2Mb!

If you get the right technology and internet infrastructure (combined with recruiting and managing great online teachers), then you can consistently deliver high-quality online lessons for students.

The Really Great Teacher Company recruits and manages great teachers on behalf of online learning companies.

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