What makes someone a great online teacher?

We asked some of our home-based online English teachers this question. Here are some of the techniques and practices they use to deliver great online lessons for students:

A good teacher finds ways to make online learning exciting

and inspires students to want to learn more!

A great teacher encourages online students to want to go learn on their own, between classes, so they’re excited for the next learning encounter – whether it’s watching a video or taking a multiple choice test.

As a teacher, I want to make classes an experience for my students. If you make it fun for them then they want to learn! They want to go on to the next level.”

Ashleigh, Online English Teacher (Young Adults)

Students really enjoy the conversational aspect of my classes.

 This helps them develop confidence and fluency.

It’s all about creating an interactive space where you create a connection with students, so that they feel comfortable and safe to practice speaking.

When the students introduce themselves I listen very carefully and make mental notes so I can find ways to draw them into the experience during a class.

Throughout the lesson, I try to make it personal for each student so they’re engaged and involved!”

Bernhard, Online English Teacher (Adults)

A good online teacher is someone who is patient and ENERGISED!

If the teacher isn’t energised then the students won’t be either. Energised teachers are more likely to inspire a student to want to learn.

Also, being a good teacher is about thinking of innovative ways to help students learn.”

Claire, Online English Teacher (Children)

Making learning a fun experience is really important!

Incorporating games and fun props (like hand puppets) that relate to the learning material can help make it fun.

Sometimes the student needs a bit of a break from the lesson. Games can help with this. After a short fun game, they’re ready to concentrate again.

Many of my students are young children. So I’m always aware of the time difference for them. They may have already had a day of school and it’s evening their time, so they may not be in the best mindset to do another lesson. Making learning fun through techniques like games helps overcome this so that they want to participate.”

Christiaan, Online English Teacher (Children)

Definitely having fun while learning helps!

There are a few basic things that make me a good online English teacher. These include patience, creating a safe space (where learners feel comfortable making mistakes), having fun and being encouraging.

Encouraging students goes a very long way as a teacher, because it lets students know if they’re on the right track and doing well.”

Nikisha, Online English Teacher (Adults)

Some of our teachers on being a great online teacher!

Great teachers inspire and connect with students, resulting in a better online learning experience and improved student retention!

That’s why we promise our clients: Great Teachers, 24/7. Guaranteed.

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