Some of our teachers share their top tips for people interested in applying to become an Online English Teacher.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about applying to become an Online English Teacher?

Do it! If you want to do something that makes a positive impact on someone else’s life, then I’d consider this a great job for you to do. Also, if someday you want to travel abroad and teach while doing so, then this is a very good job to do first, I think. Just do it! It’s great! Apply!”

Racquella, Online English Teacher at TRGTC

“The best thing about being an online teacher is interacting with all the different students that I teach, getting to know them, watching them grow and become more proficient in their English. I’d recommend joining TRGTC because it’s a very professional place to work, while it creates an environment that is supportive for its teachers (such as ensuring they’re well prepped for lessons). Also, the people here are all very friendly, while the managers are very professional, organised and respectful.”

Daniel, Online English Teacher at TRGTC

“The Really Great Teacher Company focuses on supporting the teachers here, so that we all are free to focus on being the best teachers that we can be for our learners. I didn’t know much about the online education market before joining here, so it seems like a whole new adventure for me! The people here are really friendly and open.”

Alex, Online English Teacher at TRGTC

Thanks for sharing, Racquella, Daniel, & Alex!

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