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Why online learning is ‘a new hope’ for society and business.

In our previous blogs, we looked at several of the mega-trends and BIG challenges facing the world today, including:

· The BIG trends of tech’ and globalization that are changing the way we do business, find employment, consume, communicate and socialize — see our article: The Times They Are A-Changin’

· The decrease in job security and life-long careers, for young people in today’s workforce, as well as their demand for life-long learning opportunities to secure their economic opportunity — see our article: I’m Gonna’ Be (500 Miles)

· The increase in costs of securing a university (or tertiary) education for students and the decrease in on-the-job training by employers, as well as the risks of long-term unemployment for those people who don’t get a tertiary qualification — see our article: Landslide

· The challenge that employers are facing in finding enough people with the skills they need — see our article: The Times They Are A-Changin’

· The mega-trend of the ‘greying’ of the developed world’s populations and the demand this will create for more off-shoring and out-sourcing to the developing economies — see our article: I’m Gonna’ Be (500 Miles)

· This trend of the ‘greying’ population demographics will in turn will increase demand in these geographies for access to better education and for English-language skills, in order to create the workforces needed in these places for off-shored services to the UK, USA, Canada and Australia etc– see our article: I’m Gonna’ Be (500 Miles)

· The challenges of the traditional education sector that make it unlikely that it will be able to address all the socio-economic needs descibed above, either in scale or effectiveness (or afforably) — see our article: Schools Out

These trends are BIG socio-economic challenges facing the world today!

These trends are creating BIG challenges for governments, educators, students, entreprenuers, managers and employees. No one can avoid them.

How can these many challenges facing the society, employers and students be addressed in a way that meets all the competing needs of the different stakeholders?

The question is: How can we fix this problem, effectively and at scale?

Plug me in:

“Gotta plug in the lead, Gonna get the sync I need.”

Happily, online learing (AKA: eLearning) looks like it might be the answer to many of the questions that need solving, in order to help address these complex challenges facing the world!

Online learning programmes and media offer flexibility to students (and employers) that means that people can study as and when it suits them. Remote and just-in-time learning service solutions are less intrusive for an employee’s work-schedule, as well as for their social schedule too, than tends to be the case with more formal classroom based education services.

Also, online learning offers flexiblity in it’s ability to quickly adapt and change its curriculums, delivery format, and media /content to suit the changing vocaitional skills and knowledge-needs that employers and students require.

Not only is online learning more flexible than traditional education in this way, also it has demonstrated that it can move faster in making these adaptations!

Every year, there are more certified online providers offering a greater range of subjects, courses and interventions. Every year, more of the online learning providers are growing their vocational offering, as well as the more ‘traditional’ academic programmes that they offer students.

Yet the best news for students, especially for those already in employment in the formal economy and who are keen on up-skilling themselves, is that online learning is very affordable. It’s far more affordable than the courses offered at traditional education institutions. This means that the life-long learning that people need (in order to keep building and maintaining sustainable employment throughout there career) is more obtainable than ever!

The good news for students and learners (of all ages) is that survey-studies show that when a students pays a fee for their own course then their completion rates are 10% to 60% better than if they do a free course (or if someone else pays for it for them (i.e. an employer)).

Also, it means that students now are empowered to take responsibility for their own learning, therefore they no longer need to rely on the grace of their employers for this. [And for employers the upside of people taking responsibilty for their own life-long learning is that it might mean a reduction in an employer’s training costs while still providing an increase in the skills-pool in the local labour market.]

The flexibility of online learning


“People everywhere, A sense of expectation hanging in the air, Giving out a spark, And here we go again, we know the start we know the end, Master of the scene.”

The flexibility and value for money that online learning programmes and tuition offer are great for the learning of second-languages too!

Online learning allows people in Asia, Africa and South America scalable access to first-language Enligh-speaking teachers.

Not only that, but it allows them around-the-clock access, so suiting students in any timezone! This is because of the advantage created by the strategic geographic-placement of remote teaching-centres around the globe.

Around the clock access

Hallelujah Day:

“Can’t you see that ray of hope, Somebody finally saw the light… Somebody found the key, Somebody opened up the door.”

Happily, as mentioned above, one BIG answer to how we address the BIG socio-economic challenges facing the world is through more online learing (AKA: eLearning). And a key part of successful delivery of online learning will be the strategic use of great teachers in facilitating online courses and curriculums.

Online learning is looking like it might provide the answers to many of the socio-economic questions that need answering in today’s world, in order to help solve the complex challenges facing people in the labour market or still in education.

Not only that but it promises a BIG new growth market for business and investors. And a growth market that has many years of BIG growth still ahead of it!

Find out more about how online learning (and great teachers) will helps solve the BIG socio-economic challenges faced by governments, business, employees and students at:

Like a dog with a bone:
online learning tenaciously solving the world’s challenges!

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