TRGTC has been involved in mitigating the negative effects of Covid-19 on our client’s businesses since the virus first impacted mainland China at the end of 2019.

Our efforts have focused on ensuring that client companies could secure continuous lesson delivery and, in many circumstances, increased online teaching capacity.

Examples of successful projects delivered so far include:

Rapid recruitment of large numbers of home-based teachers across the globe in response to clients offering free lessons to students who were in lockdown and not allowed to attend regular school.


Servicing multiple offline (face to face) students in online classes, which necessitated a large and rapid increase in teachers deployed on this particular account.


Covering teaching sessions for our clients’ centres in other countries that have been put on lockdown.


Upskilling our teachers to handle large class attendances (7 – 10 students per class) for clients who added more students to their classes at short notice.

We have ensured this growth and reliable delivery due to the fact that we have blended delivery between our teaching centres and home-based teams.  Results of this approach are:

Our teachers reliably deliver lessons from 5 continents

Due to the global footprint of our teams, we have great teachers available to teach 24/7, in any time zone.

Risk is mitigated by not having teaching centres located in just one region/country

The Really Great Teacher Company recruits and manages great teachers on behalf of online learning companies.

We ensure that we always have the best online teachers for our clients so that we can deliver on our promise: Great Teachers, 24/7. Guaranteed.

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