Our Values & Teaching Award Winners
18th July 2019

Every three months at TRGTC, we hold quarterly teacher events and announced our Quarterly Values Awards winners.

At these events, we get together as a company in order to catch up, learn about how TRGTC is doing, and have some fun and party together!

Also, we recognise and celebrate the winners of our values awards.

At our quarterly event in July 2019, the Values Award Winners were:

Everyone’s a leader award: won by Ashley, with James (CEO) and Rob (COO) saying congrats to him

Honouring the impact of education award: Won by Tammin

Always better award: Won by Daniel

Take care of each other award: won by Celestina

Respect matters award: won by Malcolm

Most valued team member award: won by Matthew

Audacious fun award: won by Asavela

Nothing less than an ecstatic customer award: won by Rolan

Congratulations to all our quarterly awards winners in july 2019!

Congratulations to all our Awards winners this quarter!

If you’d like to find out more about what our Value Awards are about CLICK HERE.

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