If you’re primary internet system or provider fails, then it’s important to have good back up infrastructure in place with strong redundancy systems ready to go into action immediately!

We share some tips for assessing the options of best back up internet solutions for your teaching desks:

1st Prize: Spare Fibre Line Internet

The best back up system you can have is a spare fibre line that you can switch to immediately. Obviously, this is an expensive redundancy system, but it’s the optimal one and the best if your student’s user-experience is a priority. [This is what TRGTC has in place for all its teaching desks.]

2nd Prize: 4G Wireless Internet:

Wireless internet solutions provide a good backup alternative when you are experiencing last mile congestion.

Wireless should never be your primary internet connection as -similar to a car radio- you are also subject to radio wave strength and reception issues (in other words, a weak signal or interference can also affect performance).

Windy and cloudy conditions can also cause cell tower or antenna sway, which can affect wireless Internet signal reception!

3rd Prize: Satellite Internet:

Satellite should always be avoided as a back up solution since this service is extremely slow and is subject to poor or limited performance due to bad weather conditions (similar to satellite television).

Generally the upload speed is about ¼ the speed of the service.

For example, a 10M service has only 7.5 M reserved for download and the remaining 2.5M reserved for upload.

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Connection Stability

Connection Speed 

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