Marike, one of our really great online adult teachers, shares her story here.

Tell us about your career journey and how you became an Online Teacher at TRGTC? 

While I was studying Drama and Theatre Arts, it was amazing to do Children’s Theatre. It was interactive, including asking the children questions and playing educational games with them. Also, I also enjoyed discussing children’s literature in my English lectures.

After my degree, I studied education and -while doing my practical as a student teacher- I enjoyed giving classes at a high school. This confirmed my passion for teaching.

I went to do some tutoring, which was so much fun! When I heard about online teaching I did some research and decided that it was the best choice for me, since I can incorporate my drama background and teach the language that I love: English.

I am passionate about equipping people. Teaching is part of every aspect of my life. Right now I am teaching a friend to play piano.

What you do outside of work for fun? 

I am fond of arts and crafts, dancing, singing and playing piano. Also, I enjoy adding to my collections and hiking.

Thanks for sharing, Marike!
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