Jenna, one of our really great online adult teachers, shares her story here.

Tell us about your career journey and how you became an Online Teacher at TRGTC? 

Since leaving school I have travelled to many different countries, I began my journey in the USA where I worked as a head hostess for a platinum country club. I was exposed to many people from different countries and backgrounds. I was able to successfully build meaningful relationships with these individuals, all of which motivated me to move to Vietnam to teach English.

I worked in Ho Chi Minh City teaching pre-school, middle school and adult students.

I loved experiencing an unfamiliar culture and it is an experience I will never forget!

Thereafter I moved back to South Africa and began creating content for a start-up English website, which was a very rewarding experience.

I then moved to Europe and began working on a yacht that travelled the Mediterranean. Among my responsibilities onboard the boat, I taught English to my Russian employer and his family.

I returned home once the yacht season was completed and upon my arrival I immediately missed teaching so I decided to apply for a job at TRGTC.

I was very happy to be accepted, I have loved and appreciated the experience every day since.

What you do outside of work for fun? 

I am an avid traveller. I have a deep passion for different cultures and experiences so I always try my best to get out and challenge myself.

I love to immerse myself in nature, so I enjoy hiking and running.

I also partake in group meditation and yoga as well as creative writing courses.

Thanks for sharing, Jenna! 

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