Kelli, one of our really great online adult teachers, shares her story here.

Tell us about your career journey and how you became an Online Teacher at TRGTC? 

I did not know about online teaching until I returned home from living and working overseas.

When I applied for the job, I realised how much I would enjoy it and, since starting in it, I have fallen in love with this role!

What you do outside of work for fun? 

If my friends were to describe me to you – they would say I am like a ‘mom’. I am nurturing, warm and caring.

I love being creative – I draw, paint and write poetry.

The outdoors are my favourite place to be. I spend many hours in my garden either planting new flowers or just enjoying them.

Some of my hobbies include hiking, exercising and travelling. I have been to many different countries and enjoy new cultures.

Thanks for sharing, Kelli! 

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