At TRGTC, we believe it’s important to recognise the really great work that our Online English Teachers do everyday.

One of the ways that we do this is through our quarterly teaching and values awards.

Everyone who works at TRGTC votes the nominees for these awards, so the winners are being recognised and acknowledged by their peers.

The awards reflect people who live up to our company values and they include:

Everyone’s A Leader Award

We define great leaders as those who develop and grow those around them, irrespective of their title or position. People who live this value are aware of the impact of what they do on those around them and always strive to ensure that this impact leads to the generation of positive thoughts and actions. Great leaders constantly work hard to ‘catch’ people doing the right things and praise them for it.

Audacious Fun Award

Life is short. We spend the majority of our waking hours at work and it does not make sense to dedicate so much of our lives to something that is not a lot of fun! Having audacious fun also means that we are not satisfied with being boring or having average results, but strive to be unapologetic about wanting to live our best lives and be fearlessly successful and good at what we do!


Take Care Of Each Other Award

We recognise that people go through good and bad times over the course of their daily lives. We strive to look out for and help each other whenever we possibly can and recognise that by doing so we can have a great effect on the morale of the individual concerned and the team in general. This also makes us better human beings, which is pretty cool!


Always Better Award

The ethos of constant improvement is one that we strive to deliver on for every task, action or behaviour on a daily basis. By always being better we will constantly improve as individuals and as a company, which will ensure that we remain competitive and relevant.


Honouring The Impact Of Education Award

The science and art of education is the most effective tool that the people of this world have at their disposal to make progress and change for good. Honouring it and the profession of teaching is of paramount importance to all at TRGTC. Education brings the world and its people closer together.


Respect Matters Award

We recognise that without respect all things fall apart. Respect is vital in many different areas including respect for ourselves, our clients and their students, teammates, TRGTC, suppliers, the country where we live, the environment and the planet. We strive to live and act in a respectful way at all times and, by doing so, to serve as a glowing example for other individuals and companies.


Nothing Less Than An Ecstatic Customer Award

Without customers we have no business and no jobs. Our customers are the students that we teach in every class and our client companies that we service. We are not satisfied with them just being happy with our service; rather we strive for them to become ecstatic, raving fans of TRGTC.

We’re all about recognising and rewarding really great teachers!

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