Jenna, one of our really great online adult teachers, shares her experience here.

Tell us what’s involved in the day-to-day work of an Online ESL Teacher?

Prior to teaching my online classes, I plan each lesson so that:

  • I’m fully prepared for any questions that my students might ask.
  • I’m familiar with the topic.
  • I’m able to deliver new information that facilitates the student learning experience effectively.

Once I have entered the online classroom, I engage with my students in a friendly manner to put them at ease.

I do my best to encourage learners throughout the class so that they feel confident and comfortable expressing their opinions in conversation.

My day consists of guiding my students gently and electing answers using new vocabulary and grammar points.

During lessons I will take note of their progress and where they can improve. Then I share this information with the student at the end of the day by filling out an individual class report.

Why did you decide to become an Online English Teacher? 

I have always appreciated the English-language and found it to be an essential tool for those who would like to emmigrate, interact with foreign clients, work or study in a different country or travel.

I enjoy facilitating the learning process as well as interacting with people in a meaningful way. I love to connect with individuals and groups in order to create an environment where the love of learning takes place!

What advice would give to someone who wants to be an Online Teacher?

Go for it!

If you are someone who can easily interact with people and really enjoys supporting others then you will absolutely love this job!

My advice would be to never become complacent and always treat each lesson as if it was your first.

Always try to find new ways to improve your teaching skills and inspire your students.

Thanks for sharing, Jenna! 

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