What makes someone a good Online English Teacher and what sort of person is suited to it?

Zhivahn, one of our really great online teachers, shares her answers here.

What makes someone a good Online English Teacher?

A really great online teacher will be a person who is patient, kind, understanding and empathetic. These are qualities you’ll need.

Teaching online shouldn’t feel like an obligation, but rather a choice that was made with good intention.

Being a positive and optimistic person also helps immensely in terms of performing your best as an online teacher.

It’s important to understand that you are acting as a face-of-the-company, so you need to represent their standards and values at all times.

What sort of person is suited to be an Online Teacher?

Someone who is very empathetic, with the ability to manage their time and responsibilities.

Also, you need to be open to meeting and interacting with people of different cultures and backgrounds.

A person willing to share their knowledge as well as engage with a student about their interests will make for an exceptional online teacher, in my opinion.

Another factor which plays a massive role is being technologically savvy. Without being proficent with technology, you may encounter many difficulties managing an online-lesson – which might lead to negative feedback from students. Parents notice this sort of thing so it’s very important that an online teacher makes sure a lesson runs smoothly at all times.

What advice would give to someone who wants to be an Online Teacher?

Give it your all! Give it your all not only during the hiring process but once you start teaching too. People can sell themselves very well in an interview, but it’s important that you show consistency when teaching too.

Before you get started in the job, it’s best to make sure that you have everything set up right in terms of your hardware and software, so that you don’t run into technical problems during an online-lesson.

Also, I think it’s sound advice that you are absolutely confident in yourself and how you portray yourself to your students.

I’d advise transparency with the company that you work for as an online teacher, as it demonstrates good values and respect the company.

Is there anything else you’d say to other people thinking of applying to be an online teacher?

If you are successful in applying for an online teacher job, then you should be prepared for your on-boarding process and follow the procedures very carefully, in order to avoid a longer placement process. The instructions are very simple, so best be attentive to what the company requires from you straight from the start (and be diligent).

Also, be creative as an online teacher, because creativity helps to keep a student’s attention and entertain them. For example, being creative might mean a super backdrop behind you in your webcam shot or some fun teaching props to use in the lesson.