Marike, one of our really great online children teachers, shares her insights here.

What makes someone a good Online English Teacher for children?

Someone who is lively, friendly and passionate about teaching (including being interested in a student’s likes and dislikes).

A good online English teacher has a strong ‘online presence’, like the best performers have a stage presence – meaning, you can’t be two-dimensional, since you are viewed by students on a small screen.

If you act small, too casual, too chilled or as though you’re not bothered then it won’t be beneficial to the learner.

What sort of person is suited to be an Online Teacher for children? 

An enthusiastic person who loves teaching and creating a fun learning experience for students.

You must be willing to go out of your way for the children.

I think you must check your motivations before starting the process of becoming an online teacher. Students will immediately pick up if you don’t enjoy teaching and the lessons won’t be fun for them either.

Think about any teachers who did not like teaching at all, when you were at school. I’m sure they easily come to mind! Teachers make a difference (whether good or bad) and leave an impact on their students for life.

Thanks for sharing, Marike!
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