Jenna, one of our online adult teachers, answers this question.

Hi Jenna, can you share what makes someone a great Online English Teacher?

In my opinion, patience and respect for each individual student’s learning process is key. Being able to adjust your approach according to each student’s personality, age, speed and level.

As much as teachers have their own teaching-style, I believe students have their own learning-style too.

It’s really important to have the ability to put students at ease during classes. It promotes confidence and an eagerness to learn.

What sort of person is suited to be an Online Teacher?

Someone who is patient, positive and creative.

A huge part of online teaching is having the patience to elicit answers rather than just giving them.

Remaining positive and friendly at all times in order to create a warm environment suited for learning and asking questions and delivering information in a creative way stimulates your students.

As Johann Friedrich Herbart said, “In teaching, the greatest sin is to be boring”.

Thanks for sharing, Jenna! 

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