Some of our teachers share what makes them really great teachers.

What makes someone a really great Online ESL Teacher?

“For me, it’s all about a person’s dedication. Teaching isn’t an easy job to do and it’s all about putting your learner first. That’s why being a teacher can be more of a ‘calling’ and vocation, rather than just another job. As a teacher, my passion and dedication to my work allows me to keep striving to be better and always to be focused on helping the learner.”

Alex, Online English Teacher at TRGTC

“It helps to approach your work with a professional demeanor, as well as interacting with the students with respect and integrity. Obviously, you need to be fluent in English. It’s really important to be a friendly person, who can interact with almost anyone (regardless of their social background), as online lessons are all about the quality of the interaction between teacher and student. Most importantly, you always need to be prepared for your lessons.”

Daniel, Online English Teacher at TRGTC

“It‘s important to have a friendly attitude, which really matters when teaching classes online. Also, it’s very important to be patient, kind and supportive to your students. Making online classes fun and interactive really helps your students to learn. If you’re the sort of person who likes helping other people succeed, then teaching is probably for you and you’ll find it very rewarding!”

Racquella, Online English Teacher at TRGTC

Thanks for sharing, Racquella, Daniel, & Alex!

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