Some of our leadership and management team share insights about building world-class online teaching centres and consistently delivering great online-lessons.

It’s all about the teachers!

As an Online Service Manager at TRGTC, Chris, is responsible for the overall management and performance of the operations and teaching teams for his client’s account.

Here he shares what we look for when hiring teachers:

“We look for people who listen and have high levels of emotional intelligence. We look for teachers who are passionate about other people’s development. Our teachers are people who get excited about watching their students develop and learn.

Education is changing, in that it’s becoming a more learner-centric discipline and the role of a teacher is evolving to be more learner-centric too. So it’s less about the teacher as the ‘centre-of-learning’ and more about focusing on each student as an individual: each of whom has their own learning needs and styles. That’s why at TRGTC, we look for people who can listen and elicit and respond to a student’s needs.

When it comes to training and working with our teachers, our methodology is to develop them both as service-orientated people and as professional educators too. It’s all about empowering our teachers to know when and how to do the right thing for their students.

This benefits the students, because they interact with teachers who are committed to each student’s success in learning.

It’s this that ensures the consistent high quality of performance that our teachers deliver.

Happy teachers equal happy students!”

It’s all about the infrastructure that supports the teachers

Our COO, Rob, who’s been in the Online Learning & Teaching Industry for over 15 years, believes that having a high performance technology infrastructure (with lots of robust back-up redundancy built in) is critical to the consistent delivery of teaching services. As he says: 

“When it comes to infrastructure, you need to make sure that you have the best of the best of the best! This is because the technical service quality of online lessons is just as important as the quality of the teachers when it comes to the user-experience of the student.  

No expense is spared to ensure that our teaching centres are set up to ensure that our teachers have the best technology and infrastructure available to confidently deliver world-class teaching experiences for our client’s students.

When it comes to home-based teachers, we have a strict vetting process to assess the suitability of a person’s teaching environment and infrastructure, in order to ensure we maintain the same high standard of performance and connectivity.

It’s all about performance management, recognition and feedback

Rob believes that consistent application of teacher performance management, coaching, recognition and feedback is important for teacher engagement and delivery in online lessons. He share his insights on why this matters here:

“Generally speaking, English teachers have very little experience of being “managed” or working in a corporate environment. It’s very important to provide them with clear expectations of what is expected from them in the delivery of an online-session and in their job as a whole. As with any employee in any industry, teachers need and respond well to things like engagement and recognition initiatives, as well as the provision of continuous professional development.

Once you’ve found and hired the right teachers then getting these additional things right results in higher teacher engagement, which definitely results in better performance from teachers and a better experience for the students.”

It’s all about our values and culture!

Our CEO, James, believes that an organisation’s purpose informs its values, which in turn create the right culture. This in turn impacts on the success of everything else in the organisation, including the teaching centres, the teachers, and –most importantly- the student experience. Here he shares how TRGTC’s values drive our culture and teacher performance:

“At TRGTC, we have identified our purpose and values as a collective. We live these values daily and they drive everything that we do. Our values include:


Always BetterThe ethos of constant improvement is one that we strive to deliver on for every task, action or behaviour on a daily basis. By always being better we will constantly improve as individuals and as a company, which will ensure that we remain competitive and relevant.



Ecstatic CustomersWithout customers we have no business and no jobs. Our customers are the students that we teach in every class and our client companies that we service. We are not satisfied with them just being happy with our service; rather we strive for them to become ecstatic and raving fans of TRGTC.


Audacious FunLife is short. We spend the majority of our waking hours at work and it does not make sense to dedicate so much of our lives to something that is not a lot of fun! Having audacious fun also means that we are not satisfied with being boring or having average results, but strive to be unapologetic about wanting to live our best lives and be fearlessly successful and good at what we do!



We Take Care Of Each otherWe recognise that people go through good and bad times over the course of their daily lives. We strive to look out for and help each other whenever we possibly can and recognise that by doing so we can have a great effect on the morale of the individual concerned and the team in general. This also makes us better human beings, which is pretty cool!


We Take Accountability For Our ImpactWe take pride in the work we do and do not shy away from taking responsibilty for each part of it. We are aware of the enormous impact that individuals can have in the workplace and society at large. We gladly hold ourselves accountable for ensuring that we will deliver our best work to one another and to ourselves.


Thanks for sharing, Chris, Rob & James!

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