Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Why less stress means more performance.

Is the education industry losing too many teachers and burning out the ones who remain?

The traditional education sector has well documented problems attracting, managing and retaining school teachers. The fast growing industry of online education has the opportunity to do things differently and pioneer new ways to manage online teachers in a better way – better for teachers and better for the bottom line.

It’s for this reason that we developed our Evolve programme – a teacher wellness product available to all our teachers 24/7, wherever they are based in the world. We recognize teachers are human beings who thrive best when they have the right professional development opportunities and holistic wellness support.

That’s why we can stand behind our money back promise on our teachers’ performance and attendance: The Best Teachers, 24/7. Guaranteed.

The Challenge:

International surveys of school teachers regularly report numbers like 57% of full-time teachers are ‘not engaged’ at work and 13% are ‘actively disengaged’.

78% of school teachers say they feel physically and emotionally exhausted at the end of the work-day. 85% diagnosed themselves as working ‘unsustainably’. Over 75% of school teachers complained of the health problems that are associated with a failure to deal with stress.

50% of school teachers say they have considered leaving the profession, while 61% of high school teachers say they have considered quitting the profession!

UNESCO Insitute for Statistics’ research show that the total number of additional new primary teachers needed, globally, in order to achieve universal primary education is 6.8 million. The numbers needed for secondary education are even higher.

[Click for more teacher burnout and turnover data.]

The education sector can’t afford to keep losing so many of its teachers to turnover caused by disengagement and burnout. Nor can it afford this loss of teacher engagement, productivity and attendance.

It’s time to do things differently.

The Opportunity:

We recognize it’s not enough to provide online teachers with just a salary and some classes to teach in. There must be more…! We see that our teachers are people too. That’s why we empower them to inspire connection with students in class, we encourage their professional development, and we support them with their health and wellness.

In order to deliver on our promise to our clients (The Best Teachers, 24/7. Guaranteed), once we’ve found right teachers we make sure that we really look after them.

Getting our values and culture right creates a great environment for our teachers. This makes them more engaged, which results in better teacher performance and a better learning experience for our clients’ students! [Click for more about the impact of our our Evolve programme on performance.]

Our values and culture ensure that our teachers are always better! They are a core part of our DNA, which all team members and teachers live by. [Click for more on our Values.]

The Evolve programme is another way we live our values and it provides our teachers with comprehensive support for their health and wellbeing.

It’s available to all our teachers wherever they’re located globally and includes:

Mental Wellness: Providing specialist and peer support for our teachers, including helpline numbers and regular online meet ups for discussions around personal mental health and wellbeing and mindfulness.

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Physical Wellness: A subsidized, personalized online training and nutrition programme for our teachers delivered by a specialist partner company.

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Financial Wellness: Access to a personal finance advisory service to help teachers with their financial planning and wellbeing.

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Social Wellness: A platform for like-minded teachers to meet up and connect, whether online or locally, and share the passions and interests that inspire them. This includes teacher social clubs, regional events, and volunteering in social responsibility programmes.

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Our teachers can access all these 24/7 anywhere in the world via an online platform.

As well as providing this personalized support to each of our teachers, we’re providing them with a community of like-minded peers to inspire connection and learning with each other – wherever they’re based in the world.

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