‘Never let a good crisis go to waste!’

This quote is attributed to Winston Churchill, in World War II. He was referring to the post-war peace settlement negotiations, as World War II drew to a close.

In 2021, Churchill’s insight can be applied to online education as the global pandemic recedes.

Last year, all around the world more students than ever experienced online learning – many for the first time.

Many traditional schools and training institutions were not prepared for remote learning before the global pandemic hit in 2020. As a result, they did not have the infrastructure or teaching expertise to deliver a really great online learning experience for students.

This means many students (and traditional teachers) had a poor experience of online learning during the pandemic.

The risk of a poor pandemic experience of online education for many students is that a perception develops that it’s boring and lacks interpersonal connection – all resulting in poor learning outcomes for students. This is a perception those working in the online education sector need to challenge! 

 As a sector, we need to demonstrate the advantages and opportunities created by online learning, as well as show how to mitigate and replicate the supposed strengths of traditional classroom based learning.

Here are 3 reputational challenges online learning faces in 2021 and how to overcome them.

Is Online Learning Boring?

Learning that is text-based only or the passive in-take of media can be unengaging. We are ‘social animals’, which means we thrive when we engage person-to-person:

Why teachers matter in online learning!

Is Online Learning Is Too Impersonal?

Learning is an interactive process and part of that interaction is (online) teacher to (online) student:

“We’re all human. It’s important to speak to other people when learning a language. That’s what language is all about!

Bernhard, Online English Teacher (Young Adults)

“People prefer engaging learning processes. Feeling a connection helps. In online learning, authentic teachers create connection with students!”

Chris, Global Service Delivery Director

Online learning can be very impersonal. A friendly teacher helps create a connection with students, making it a more enjoyable learning experience!”

Ashleigh, Online English Teacher (Young Adults)

Can Online Education Deliver Good Learning Outcomes?

A trained and experienced teacher can make all the difference in facilitating the learning experience for online students and guiding them to successful learning outcomes:

How teachers improve learning outcomes for online students

Great teachers inspire and connect with students, resulting in a better learning experience!

That’s why we promise our clients with: Great Teachers, 24/7. Guaranteed.

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