The Really Great Teacher company has developed a unique combination of management experience and hands on, in field working examples over a number of years and continual research into online teaching that has synergised into what the company is able to offer it’s clients today.

Here are a list of the top 10 reasons we are able to fulfil your teaching needs:

1. Find The Best Teachers: We recruit, manage and support all of our teachers with ongoing professional and personal development. This ensures that the adage Happy Teachers = Happy Students is delivered in every teaching encounter we deliver on.

2. Worldwide Database:

The advantage to our clients is that we are able to provide excellent teachers who are available 24-hours a day – no matter where you are situated!

3. Teacher Database: Our large database of home-based teachers, who are first language English specialists, allows us to move with agility and speed to meet your operational needs at scale.

Because we have a global footprint, we can offer a robust supply-chain service to our clients at a moment’s notice.

4. Only The Best Teachers Selection: Every one of The Really Great Teacher Company teaching team is pre-screened and selected to ensure we can confidently offer the best available teachers today and tomorrow.

5. Inspired & Motivated Teachers: As well as attracting great teacher, we make sure we engage and retain them too! Evolve is our personal development programme. It’s made up of a number of initiatives that are all designed to inspire a more engaged team of teachers that is healthier, happier, and more connected than they were before joining us.

6. Our Teacher Database Numbers:

7. Continuity: We are nimble and swift: Which means throughout 2020 and 2021 we’ve been able to empower our clients’ success in continued lesson delivery to their students, despite a fast changing business environment.

8. Je T’Aime: We have numerous recent examples of finding and managing teachers for our clients to assist them with online lesson delivery and continuity during the lockdowns:

9. A Premium Service: This has resulted in our clients benefitting from our premium service standards, while continuing to receive excellent class ratings and feedback from their students, like these examples from some South Korean students:

10. Worldwide Access: Because we have a global footprint, we can offer a robust supply-chain service to our clients at a moment’s notice.

The benefits to our clients are simple and valuable! They include:

Premium Service: Our offering is high quality, reliable, agile, flexible and provides different cost advantages that suit different client products.

Continuity: Our current client service performance metrics demonstrate we deliver the best teachers 24/7 in every country we provide such teaching services. We guarantee our clients a 100% refund of teacher costs for downtime or lost hours. This guarantee provides you with the reassurance you need -as businesses operating in a competitive market- that we’re a service partner who delivers!

Flexibility: Teachers can be provided to clients at large volumes and as part of a regular schedule or based upon on demand service offerings.

Empowering You: We have developed unique training, scheduling and management content, processes and systems that ensure consistent high quality results and student ratings. We deliver managed teacher services as a seamless continuation of your business.

Contact us for an opportunity to understand how we are able to assist in your specific requirements and keep making our promise to our clients

The Best Teachers, 24/7. Guaranteed.

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