The Best Teachers, 24/7. Guaranteed.

The Really Great Teacher Company (TRGTC) provides high quality teacher management services to the global online English language training market.

The core services that the company provides to its client companies are:

  • Management of teachers within TRGTC’s state of the art Teaching Centers.
  • Management of Home Based teachers within custom built Virtual Teaching Centers.
  • Recruitment of Home Based teachers.
  • The Provision of Online Training Courses and Certifications

Our promise is simply to ensure our clients have The Best Teachers, 24/7. Guaranteed. Delivering on this promise ensures that TRGTC keeps a clear focus on its vision of inspiring minds in order to bring the world closer together.

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The Best Teachers, 24/7. Guaranteed.

Our promise is central to all of TRGTC’s daily operations and it is the DNA that binds the company together. We back this up with guaranteed refunds to our clients on our services.

Below are the current key performance metrics highlighting our delivery on our promise:

What Our Teachers Say

Some of our teachers share what they like best about working here.

“TRGTC continually assists each teacher to be the best they can be. It is an amazing place and I would never have thought teaching in such an environment would make me leave work with a bigger smile than what I came in with.”
“TRGTC is one of the best companies I’ve worked at. It upholds its values and the environment helps me deliver quality teaching to my students. It’s a different experience every day!”
“Being a good online English teacher is all about encouraging your students and making them feel safe to make mistakes so that they can learn and grow. The thing I enjoy most about my work at TRGTC is interacting with and learning about all my students every day.”
“The thing I like most about TRGTC is our family culture and positive working environment. My favorite part of teaching is seeing my students’ progress and making an impact on their future.”