We take care of all your teacher needs

Recruitment, management and development.

best teachers

We hire the best

Teachers are recruited according to each client’s specific requirements and put through in-depth screening and assessment processes. 

This ensures that only exceptional teachers join the team.

We train, mentor & develop 

Initial training, including client-specific training, is provided to all new teachers.

All teachers have access to continuous personal (Evolve) and professional (Inspire Academy) development and comprehensive mentoring programs.

Well trained and happy teachers = happy students and clients.

We manage performance

Scheduling, payroll, performance and all other management aspects of the teachers are handled by our vastly experienced team and backed up by our money-back guarantee. 

 This leaves you free to focus on growing your school and not on managing teachers.

Our teacher management services work with any school model

Brick and mortar schools

We have decades of experience in setting up online teaching operations and can help your school seamlessly set up your own online teaching products.

The results from our teachers will immediately contribute to the growth of these products and your school’s success.

Online only schools

Existing online schools use our teacher management services to ensure that they grow their schools in a cost effective and predictable way.

Hybrid schools

Many schools that have physical classrooms utilise our online teacher management services.

This enables them to focus on their classroom/centre-based teaching, while we deliver high quality online teaching services to their students.