Grow and Evolve with us

Evolve is our personal development program that focuses on all aspects of the human experience that do not include your job/role specific performance.

The program is made up of a number of initiatives, designed to inspire a more engaged team that is healthier, happier, and more connected.

Current areas of focus are:

Wellness and Lifestyle


  • Life coaching sessions help us identify strengths, develop them, and identify personal and professional goals.


  • Join an international fitness community.
  • Daily workout sessions from the comfort of your own home and weekly nutrition guidance with amazing recipes.


  • Money management programs that commit to educating our team about their finances, budgets and healthy wealth.

Service & Giving Back

  •   Our Impact program enables us to do good outside the classroom and make a contribution to a better planet.
  • Join our Impact Volunteer program where we partner with an international NGO and provide online mentoring to children in need.

The Discovery Sessions

  • A time to broaden our general knowledge, connect us as a community and experience the joy of learning.
  • Live online sessions where our team members can present and share their passions, hobbies and interests with others.

Social Clubs

  • Special Interest clubs that build community on common interests and passions.
  • From books and movies to cooking and travel. 
  • Monthly Quiz games to build our team spirit and have a little fun with our knowledge.

Teacher feedback

I have such a passion for life skills and would like to either learn more or research and teach more. The Evolve initiatives are one of the reasons I joined the company.

— Lay H, Online English Teacher 

I would rate the sessions a 5/5– they are great and informative.

— Angela, Online English Teacher

"I enjoy the social aspect that I would miss if I was not a part of The Really Great Teacher Company. There have been some valuable and thought-provoking sessions.

—Sarah , Online English Teacher