6 Key Metrics that Online Teaching Businesses should Measure

Power your Growth with Relevant Data

The Really Great Teacher Company operates 24/7 with clients spread across the globe. Having up-to-date business intelligence in real-time is vital to managing the continued success of our service delivery.

Below is a snapshot of 6 Key Success Metrics that are important to us and our clients:

1. Positive Feedback Index (PFI)

Number of classes with positive student feedback / total number of classes taught

Different clients have different measures and ways of gathering student feedback. For example, feedback can be reported in ratings or direct qualitative student feedback.

We use our client student feedback data for those clients that have student feedback tracking. For clients that don’t have a student feedback system in place, we conduct our own class observations and rate class performance for our teachers.

2. Attendance and Scheduling Efficiency Index

Number of classes delivered / total number of classes scheduled

Reasons for classes not being delivered include lost hours through absenteeism or technical downtime

If a class is not delivered due to these attendance issues, then it will obviously negatively impact the index and consistent issues here can also indicate a challenge with resourcing or scheduling.

At The Really Great Teacher Company we aim for and often achieve zero lost hours on client accounts.

We guarantee that a great teacher will deliver on every scheduled class, or else we will give you double your money back.

Rob Schulenberg, COO, The Really Great Teacher Company

3. Average Class Hours Taught per Teacher

Total hours taught / number of teachers

Scheduling of classes across teachers so that there is a fair allocation across teams. This ensures that workloads are manageable, and teachers receive a reasonable teaching schedule, as well as providing a measure of scheduling efficiency and optimization.

4. Total Hours Managed per Staff Member

Total hours / number of staff members

The average number of teaching hours managed per staff member helps us measure internal management efficiency and gives us benchmarks on potential uneven distributions of workloads as well as when to reduce or increase team sizes.

5. Booking Rate

Number of classes booked / number of classes opened

By looking at the percentage of classes that are actually booked by students, relative to the number of classes opened by teachers, we are able to monitor demand for a client’s services and demand for individual teachers relative to others.

This allows us to optimize and efficiently allocate the right teachers and amount of classes to match student demand.

This metric can be measure for a client account as a whole or for individual teachers.

6. Personal and Professional Development Index

Teachers and staff wellness

This index measures the percentage of our teachers who regularly access or participate in The Really Great Teacher Company’s voluntary personal and professional development initiatives.

The Evolve Personal Development Programme and the Inspire Professional Development Academy exist to upskill our teams to be better in their careers and to be more fulfilled and happy human beings.

Happy & Skilled Teachers = Happy Students

Client Performance Reports

Using metrics like these, alongside additional client-specific metrics, we present reports to our client’s on their account’s overall performance.

These reports include:

  • How we are managing their teachers’ Personal Development via the Evolve programme

  • Professional Development and skills development initiatives that the Inspire Academy has delivered in the month

  • Highlighting of specific focus areas for improvement, based on monitored classes and agreed to strategies
  • Company news and insights

Our business intelligence tools combine with account management feedback to ensure that clients have the most up to date and accurate picture of their teachers' performance at all times. This ensures accurate and impactful decisions can be made to improve teacher performance and ultimately student satisfaction.

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