Teaching Opportunities & Contracting

Where do I find current teaching opportunities?

All of our current opportunities are listed on our Opportunities page and you can view them by clicking here:

See our opportunities

How do I apply?

Choose the position and its relevant details on the  Opportunities page

Click on "view" for details on specific positions and then on "Apply Now" to submit an application.

You will be directed to an application form.

Fill in the information required and be ready to submit an online video of yourself teaching.

Our recruitment team will get back to you. 

How long will it be before I get a response on my application?

You will receive a response within 24 hours of us receiving your application.

I don’t have a TEFL certificate, can I still apply?

Yes you can. For certain positions, teachers may join without the required 120-hour TEFL certification as long as you enrol for one or are currently enrolled in one. We also offer a discounted rate to signed up Teachers who want to complete an accredited TEFL course with us. Check out our TEFL Certification.

Teaching requirements

What technology do I need to begin teaching?

These are the non-negotiable tech requirements:

1. PC / laptop specifications

Processor: Intel ® Core™ i5 CPU @2.40GHz (4 CPUs) or greater 

Memory: 8GB RAM or greater

2. Backup power 

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with a battery life up to 4-5 hours (2000VA) (or willing to purchase before commencing teaching) 

3. A stable fibre internet connection 

At a minimum of 10 Mbps upload and download speeds 

PC is connected via a LAN cable and not via a Wi-Fi connection  

4. Noise-canceling headsets and HD web camera. Back-up headset highly recommended 

What teaching environment should I have at home?

 A tidy, well-lit, and quiet teaching environment  which is free from interruption during your class time.

A plain background, free from clutter.

Do I need a TEFL /TESOL/CELTA certification?

Most online English teaching positions require a TEFL or similar certification to begin teaching. If you don't already have one, you can purchase our internationally recognized 120-hour TEFL certification.

For some teaching positions, you may apply without the required 120-hour TEFL certification if you are either:

  • Plan to enroll in a TEFL course
  • Currently enrolled in a TEFL course

Students & classrooms

Where will my students based?

We teach students in all parts of the world.  It depends on the school and schedule that is matched to your needs and requirements.

Do I need to find students to teach? 

No, we connect you with schools and students.

Do I need to produce my own teaching material? 

For most classes, the lesson plans and content are provided. You are required to prepare for the classes and plan your lessons accordingly.

How many students are in each class? 

This depends on the school and on the class type. Some classes are one-to-one and some are group classes which can have anywhere from two to twenty students.

How long are classes?

This depends on the school and on the class type. Most classes are either 25 minutes or 55 minutes long.

Can I use props and tools in classes? 

 Most schools that teach children’s classes encourage it. However, only use them if instructed to do so during your orientation and upon instruction of your Team Leader.

Is there any training available to me? 

Yes we offer extensive training to all of our teachers and each school that we work with also has their own specific training in place.

In addition to your initial training you will also have free access to our Inspire Academy, where we offer extensive ongoing professional development in teaching, role-specific training, leadership training and so much more. 

You can find out more about the Inspire Academy here.

How do I get technical support and assistance? 

Everyone has a support team and live tech support. You will be set up with the appropriate support channels and someone will be there to help you all the time. 

Teaching hours & schedules

How many hours per week can I teach?

Predominantly between 20-30 hours per week. Some teachers can teach more, but this depends on the school and the demand from their students.

What does a typical teaching schedule look like?

Teaching schedules vary and depend on the specific demand from each school. We will try to find a schedule that best fits your needs wherever possible.

Can I choose my own teaching schedule? 

Some schools allow you to set your own availability and to teach as many classes as you would like, but they often still require a commitment to teach in certain peak hours.

Other schools have fixed schedules, but, where possible, we work to match your needs to a schedule that suits you. If you are unable to select your optimal schedule upfront, we will still try to accommodate you when one becomes available at a later date.


What does “guaranteed” hours mean?

This means that you are guaranteed to be paid for the scheduled class, whether the student arrives or not.  

What does “non-guaranteed” hours mean ?

This means that you will make yourself available to teach in certain time slots. If you are booked and teach a class during this time then you will be paid for the class. If you are not booked and subsequently don't teach a lesson during this slot then you will not be paid.

What happens if I can’t teach a scheduled lesson? 

 There are policies in place for each school regarding how far in advance you will be required to give notice of a lesson cancellation. The correct process must be followed and a valid reason for the cancellation must be provided.

Certifications & qualifications

Do I need a Bachelors degree to teach English online?

This depends on the school that you teach with. Some schools do require a Bachelors degree, while others only require a high school diploma or some tertiary studies in any field after high school. You will find the requirements for our current positions on our opportunities page here.

Do I need a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certification to teach English online?

Yes, all English online teaching requires either a TEFL , TESOL or CELTA certification. If you don't already have one, you can purchase our internationally recognised 120-hour TEFL certification. We also offer a 'learn while you earn' option for those who want to do our TEFL and begin teaching at the same time. See details about our TEFL certification here.

How do I get a TEFL certification?

The Really Great Teacher Company offers a fully accredited 120-hour TEFL certification. Please see more details here. 

What are the benefits of having a Really Great Teacher TEFL certification?

Our 120-Hour TEFL Certificate was designed by our team, who have decades of experience in the online teaching industry. It not only provides the professional knowledge, understanding and practical tools to step into the TEFL teaching industry with confidence, but also offers you peace of mind that your qualification is accredited through an internationally recognized body.

Our ACTDEC accreditation means that your qualification is internationally recognized by an accreditation body that has been prominent in the industry since 1993.

ACTDEC thoroughly investigated the content and the structures that support our course. Their rigorous standards and unique approach to accreditation not only ensures that we meet our own expectations of excellence in education, but also supports its continued development.

See the other benefits of our TEFL here.