Our teacher management service includes:

Global Recruitment

Our service team works closely with clients to understand your needs and that of your students. Together, we develop a best practice framework and teacher profile for class and curriculum goal. 

Our recruitment team has the capacity to recruit teachers from anywhere in the world at any volumes. Our process includes:

  1. Attracting the best candidates in each territory with the right qualifications and requirements through our extensive recruitment networks and advertising campaigns.
  2. Screening candidates utilising in-depth EQ, IQ and skills-based assessments, ensuring that they have the right personalities and abilities
  3. Extensive analysis and testing of potential Home-Based teacher's tech and back-up solutions
  4. First round of interviews with candidates conducted by specialist in-house recruiters
  5. Second round of interviews conducted by the Online Service Manager (OSM) assigned to the specific client account.
  6. Onboarding of teachers onto the client account via a specific and agreed to client process.

Teacher scheduling & class management

Our teaching and management teams are team across the globe, which enables us to schedule and manage classes across all time zones 24/7. 

Features of our scheduling solutions include:

  1. Our teachers are connected to operational management and in contact throughout the day.
  2. We have reporting mechanisms and advance alert systems in place for emergency covers.
  3. A system of daily check-ins occurs well before any classes go live to ensure all classes are taught without interruption.
  4. Tech and Service management constantly monitor and track the performance of our teams  using various business intelligence tools, which ensures that we predict and act on any potential problem ahead of time.

Performance management

Performance management is ongoing, applicable to all teachers, and begins the moment a new teacher joins us.  

The following best practices are in place: 

  1. We have a standard 2 month probation period for all teachers. 
  2. Any performance issues are dealt with immediately by a skilled Team Leader.
  3. Coaching and Mentorship is provided daily to all teachers with their allocated Team Leader and in a weekly team meeting with their Online Service Manager.  
  4. Formal observations happen twice weekly. Both diagnostic and verbal feedback sessions are completed.
  5. Additional training through our Inspire Academy is assigned to each teacher to give them the tools they need to make the necessary adjustments.  
  6. If strict targets are not met, the team member is removed from the account. 

IT, Tech support & Business Intelligence

Our tech systems, business intelligence and operating processes empower us to deliver efficient services in any global location.

A dedicated support team ensure class connectivity and uptime is at it's maximum performance, 24/7.

Specialists in our team work together to enhance the user experience from the teacher and management side on a daily basis.

Monthly client reports utilising advanced business intelligence to analyse our Keep Promise Indicators (KPI's) and other identified metrics are provided on each account.

Training & Mentorship


Inspire Academy is the professional development body of the company and it develops and publishes dozens of new modules and courses every month.  The academy exists to up-skill, improve performance and inspire all team members in the following areas:

1. New Teachers

  • Onboarding and TRGTC's new teacher basic training modules
  • Client specific training

2. Existing Teachers

  • Company & role specific learnings and qualifications
  • Career enhancement learnings & qualifications
  • Leadership Development

3. 120-Hour TEFL Certification

  • Our TEFL certification is focused on the online industry specifically and is designed to up-skill both online and classroom teachers.


New team members are assigned a team leader to be their direct line of support, and to manage their success. They connect with this team leader daily.

In addition to this, our teachers are introduced to our Top Performer Program (peer to peer mentorship), wherein they can enter a mentorship cycle with one of our top performing teachers.

We provide all our teachers with professional development courses through our Inspire Academy.

Happy, connected teachers

We encourage all our teams to get involved in Evolve, our Personal Development program, where we focus on aspects of the human experience outside of career specific performance and duties.

Evolve Initiatives are all designed to inspire a more engaged team that is healthier, happier, and more connected. They include:

  • A comprehensive Wellness programme
  • Clubs and societies
  • Social meet ups & events
  • The Discovery Sessions (Team led learning interventions).
  • We recognise that doing good is also a fundamental part of the human experience and all team members are encouraged to volunteer their time and be involved in relevant socio-economic and environmental causes.
  • Impact – is the vehicle that we use deliver on these commitments outside of our classrooms and consists of 3 main categories:

    • Impact 1% - We proudly commit 1% of our monthly turnover every month to causes that make a tangible difference in addressing socio economic and environmental causes.
    • Impact  Volunteer - we believe that facilitating the opportunity for our teams to volunteer their time to charitable causes is an essential part of the human experience and crucial for personal development.
    • Impact Operate - Environmentally responsible operating process and systems are implemented in the business. This includes educating team members, at all levels, regarding setting up interventions that they can implement from their home.